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Dental Guards and Appliances

Although our teeth are very resilient, every now and then, they may require some additional protection. Here at our local dental clinic, we offer several devices to help you with this such as night guards, retainers, and sports guards. When you protect your teeth, you’re also protecting your tongue and jaw. Call or come in to book an appointment with us to learn more about these dental appliances today!

Night Guards

This particular device is designed to reduce teeth clenching and grinding at night. If these habits are left unaddressed, the pressure and forces from doing so can eventually wear down the enamel on the surface of your teeth and can lead to chipped or cracked teeth too. We offer customized night guards to help you maintain good oral health and sleep better too.

Dr. Peter Servinis
Dr. Peter Servinis

Sports Guards

Being active is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes such activities can result in accidents that harm our teeth. Sports guards are a fantastic way to ensure that your mouth remains well protected while you have fun. At our dental clinic, we offer custom-made mouth guards, so you won’t have to worry about them slipping out of place.