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Receiving Dental Implants Near You

Missing teeth can increase the potential for other dental issues to occur such as an oral infection, gum disease, or plaque and tartar buildup. Therefore, it’s important to address such a situation so that your oral health can be in good standing.

People can be missing teeth for many reasons, including aging, an oral infection, or injuries due to sports activities. And, when this is left untreated, your teeth will begin to shift out of their natural position and move into that space, leading to additional problems with your bite and even jaw movement.

If this is something you’re dealing with, contact our local dental clinic for more information about receiving dental implants near you.

The Process of Receiving Dental Implants in Orléans

Receiving dental implants is a surgical procedure that typically requires at least two visits. Before booking an appointment, be sure to talk to your dentist to make sure that this treatment is suitable for you.

Your jawbone must be strong and healthy to withstand the treatment. Over time, the dental implant will fully fuse with your jaw, and you’ll have permanent, reliable means of support for your teeth and mouth.

Dental implants are composed of three pieces: the titanium implant, which is installed into your jawbone, the abutment or connecting piece, and then the dental crown which sits overtop of the abutment.

Dr. Peter Servinis
Dr. Peter Servinis
During your initial visit, your dentist will evaluate your teeth and make sure they’d in good condition for the procedure. When it comes to placing the dental implant, after applying a local numbing agent, they’ll slice into your gums to reach the bone. Then, a hole will be made into the bone so that the rod can be installed.

Once your mouth has been given adequate time to heal, you’ll return for a follow-up visit to receive the abutment and the dental crown. Your dental crown can be made to blend in with your other teeth.

You may experience some facial swelling or bruising, minor bleeding around the surgical site, and some pain after the procedure is done, but that’s perfectly normal. Follow the instructions given you to by your dentist so that your mouth will heal as it’s meant to.

The Benefits of Receiving Dental Implants in Orléans

First and foremost, the results of this surgery are permanent. You’ll be able to care for your dental implants just you would your regular teeth. Scheduling period dental cleanings and check-ups will also help prevent any potential problems.

After your dental implants are in place, you won’t have to worry about the device shifting around either.

Are you looking to receive convenient dental implant treatment near you? Call or come into our dental clinic in Orléans to learn more about this procedure. Our staff will walk you through the treatment from beginning to end so you know what to expect. We look forward to working with you.