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Dental Technology
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Dental Technology

Much progress has been made regarding dental technology, and here at Apple’s Dental Millennium Park, we’re excited to be able to incorporate such devices into the care that we deliver. Dental technology, including x-rays and intraoral cameras, allows our dentists to create a comprehensive image of your specific case and therefore select the proper course of treatment.

Dr. Peter Servinis

Intraoral Camera

As evident by its name, an intraoral camera is a device that captures detailed photographs of your teeth. Alongside dentists, patients can see and, therefore, understand what’s happening with their oral health thanks to the quality images the intraoral camera generates. For more information, contact our dental clinic today!


The iTero intraoral scanner is a device dentists use to capture detailed 3D images of the teeth, mouth, and jaw. iTero scanners are often utilized in treatment planning for restorative and orthodontic procedures.

iTero Scans are Highly Non-invasive
It is a technology that does not involve the use of radiation. A wand is moved over the teeth, and the scanner works quickly to collect images, capturing all the necessary data in minutes. Subsequently, it compiles the photos into a complete 3D model that can be conveniently viewed on a computer screen.

 iTero Scans vs. Traditional Modelling

In the past, dental modeling was typically achieved by applying plaster to a patient’s teeth and allowing the plaster to form and solidify around them. This method can be highly uncomfortable for patients and is less accurate than digital renderings.

iTero scans often replace these more invasive techniques for 3D modeling of the teeth and mouth, enhancing patient experiences and making the process more comfortable and straightforward for dentists and patients alike.

The iTero scanner measures and maps out the mouth in great detail and full color, enabling dentists to visualize the exact positions and shapes of the teeth and gums. With this information, dentists can create comprehensive treatment plans. Additionally, they can directly construct dental appliances based on the data obtained from the scans.

Moreover, the wand in the iTero system is significantly smaller than traditional intraoral scanners, making it easier for dentists to scan the molars accurately.

Dr. Peter Servinis